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Our Offered Services

New floors, old floors, custom inlays, installation, refinishing, restoration, laminate & more.

Our services include:

New wood floor installation
Carpet Removal/Subfloor work
Custom Inlays and borders
Special Services


New wood floor installation

We can help you select flooring material and the appropriate installation. Good installation begins with selecting good materials and an experienced installer.

We can help you pick the right floor for your house and lifestyle, and then provide you with professional installation services to ensure years of enjoyment.

We install all kinds of wood floors and can help you choose the right system for your home:

  • Nailed, glued, or floating floors
  • Solid or engineered wood
  • Pre-finished or site finished
  • Laminate

When we've determined the kind of flooring you will need, we can help you find the materials from top-quality providers. Check out different types of woodfloors.


We take care to insure that our equipment is up to date and provides the best options available for dust-less sanding.

A job-site finish is one that is applied at the place of installation, and it results in a smooth floor that has been handcrafted in place. The floor is sanded, and finished. 


From brightening and minor scratch damage up to fire and water damage, we can restore your wood floor with our environmentally friendly techniques.

From a simple clean and polish to intensive repair, we can bring your wood floor back to life.

The Pacific Northwest is full of old homes with old floors. MakBrothers is an expert in sourcing old wood, making repairs, and restoring old floors to their original state. Hardwood floors add value to a home, and restoring what you already have, makes for a good investment.

If you have a Swedish, polyurethane, or water-based finish, you might just need a good clean and polish. We can clean and brighten old finishes with minor surface scratches, improving the look of your existing hardwoods.

If you have wood floor damage from water, fire, pets, or other causes, we can restore it to its former beauty. Contact us to learn more.

Carpet Removal/Subfloor work

We can get your existing floor ready for a fine hardwood floor installation. Whether you simply need carpet removal or sub-floor repair, we can help.

Removing carpet can be a headache! We can remove carpet, pull up all the staples, and carpet strips and tacks to prepare your sub floor for wood flooring. If you need repairs to your sub floor we can reinstall shore up or replace sub flooring. Disposal services are available.

Note that while we love to get rid of carpet and have clean hardwoods, it is an environmental consideration as to what to do with the old carpet. If it is in usable condition, try to sell, exchange or donate it. Craig's List is a great place for these types of trades.


Stairs can enhance any room; why not use your stairs to add beauty as well as functionality. Our team is experienced in all aspects of wood staircase installation and can custom make treads & risers.

Why stop at the foot of the stairs? We can extend the beauty of your wood floors into your staircase.

  • Almost any wood
  • We can match your floor
  • Remove carpet or refinish existing
  • Save costs with MDF risers

Contact us to find out more about wooden staircase installation or restoration.

Custom Inlays and borders

Custom Inlays and borders for your hardwood floors are available. If your interested in an inlay or border, let us know and we can give you an estimate.

Inlays and custom borders can add visual interest and sophistication to your wood floor.

  • Borders
  • Transitions

We have all kinds of custom designs for accents and functional transitions. Tell us your ideas, or let us help you select the design elements that best show off your wood floor.

Special Services

Do you have special cleaning or repair work needs? Chances are we’ve done it before and could offer you skilled service at competitive pricing.

Makbrothers provides different of custom and specialty wood floor services including:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Specialized trim
  • Unique installations

We've been doing wood floors for several years, so chances are we've seen it before. Try us.

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